Florence Blood Pressure Monitoring

What is Flo?

‘Florence’, or ‘Flo’ as it is referred to, combines the expertise of healthcare professionals with the convenience of the patient’s own mobile phone.

Flo sends text message reminders to patients, prompting them to check their blood pressure. The patient texts back with their readings, which are sent to a dashboard that authorised staff in the GP practice can access.

By using nationally developed BP protocols, practices can take advantage of results reports being fed directly into medical notes. This is all done via the familiar ’SMS’ text messaging system and is completely free of charge to patients.

What are the benefits of using Flo to Monitor Blood Pressure?

• Flo gives practitioners the opportunity to monitor patients’ blood pressure remotely, reducing the number of face-to-face appointments required to diagnose, titrate or monitor hypertension.
• Flo gives patients the opportunity to have their blood pressure monitored by the practice without having to attend the surgery, reducing inconvenience and travel cost.
• Flo can remove white-coat syndrome, optimising readings and clinical decision-making.
• Flo allows patients to understand their own condition and make lifestyle changes/seek medical advice as required to allow them to maintain longer, healthier lives. In short it can motivate patients to self-manage.
• Studies show long term hypertension monitoring with Flo encourages medication compliance and therefore reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

We encourage patients to purchase a home Blood Pressure device for self-management of their blood pressure monitoring. Recommendations for a suitable device can be found via

Using Florence to help monitor your blood pressure

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